Sunday, July 23, 2017

Reselling Painted Antiques

Let me tell you a little about reselling painted antiques……..   There are so many people everywhere painting and reselling furniture these days that Facebook as become a flea market.  Some of the painted furniture, in my opinion, is very well done and the designer made it there own, some don’t have a sense of design so they just copy others, and some just need to hang up their paint brush and find something they are really good at…..sorry, but as I said,  just MY OPINION…..everybody has one!!  Its hard to find your place in the painted furniture world but making it your own style is what's sets your work apart from just another painted antique.  I usually spend days making sure the antique that I purchased is stable inside and out.  Remember, the most beautiful upscale antiques had no air conditioning in the early 1900's so over time the glue dissolves so its important to check everything.  I am not a carpenter, so I don’t ever buy antiques without drawers, doors, etc.  You DIY’ers out there have to be very good to make it look like it came that way instead of looking like a road side pick up.  I have seen some, not many, that look like it came that way!!  These are professional DIY’ers for sure!!   One thing I have learned over the years is if you put one, only one cheaply done piece in a room with upscale furniture, it stands out like a eye sore and you don’t enjoy the beautiful ambience of the room.  Being a surfer of Facebook, I see pricing from very low to very high.  This is tough!!  Most times, not all, but most……if  the pricing is very low, usually the quality of work is very low.  Meaning -- no quality paints used, no time spend on any repairs, just painted.  Medium to higher prices usually take the time for any repairs,  higher end products used and time spend detailing their finished antique.  Once in a while someone will be moving or reselling and a buyer gets lucky and buys it at a great price, but these finds are few and far between.  I have seen some spray painted antiques, mostly being sold in stores around our area and I bought a sprayer but haven’t used it yet.  It gives the antique a more store bought appearance, but I personally like the personal touch to my pieces.  Especially in the waxing and finishing touches of a hands on painted piece.  I might try spraying on a chair at some point.  Old antique unique chairs are one of my weakness but they are so time consuming to paint!! Ugh!!  Why I keep buying them….crazy I guess!!??  I hope this has helped our clients and potential buyers know a little about the behind the scenes.   

Friday, January 27, 2017

What a week!!

This has been a crazy week.  I always drive my old work truck just in case I find something when I am out running errands.  Monday I decided to drive my car so I hopped in and it would not even turn over….dead, dead, dead.  I love my old beat up truck!!  It doesn’t look beautiful but it is reliable!!   Technology………  so many bells and whistles to go wrong, yet the old auto’s run forever. …….   Just like furniture.

This new furniture is junk and does not holdup to everyday use yet very expensive.  To my surprise even Thomasville and some of the top manufacturers are making junk with big price tags.  I guess that is why people are jumping on the money train to sell their antiques at high prices these days. 

I think of myself as your personally shopper.  I am always trying to find a wonderful unique antique at a bargain price FOR YOU.   Once I find that wonderful piece, then the work begins.  Prepping it and giving it a facelift.  For me it is sometimes an agonizing process …. What color??.   As most everyone that knows me, I think outside the box.   I have never been about plain and simple, so many of my pieces have paisleys designs, etc on them.   I do however keep my furniture colors classic so it is easy to accessorize your room with bold crazy colors even by changing the knobs.  Anyway, got to run…..lots to do to day and I need to get busy!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Its been a long time....hello

I have not been on my blog in a long, long time.  I recently moved back to Patsy’s Attractions in Fountain Inn, SC.  I like being there and its always nice laughing and talking with Patsy’s.  I may or may not be successful there since it’s a distance from Greenville, but hopefully my wonderful customers will feel like it’s worth the trip. Fountain Inn has some nice shops worth checking out plus J Peters Restaurant is right next door and the food is fabulous!! 

I am frequently asked about repainting pieces of furniture and each time I learn that it has been painted in a latex paint.   Using latex on furniture is tricky…….I am not saying it can not be done, but I am saying if it is not properly done, it will easily chip and peel away.  All experienced furniture painters always spend the money to buy and use the best chalk and milk paint available and sealers of choice.  Its expensive but so worth it to our satisfied customers.  So if you are in the market for painted antiques just ask what they use and how is it sealed prior to buying.   You may pay a little more but you will be so happy with years of everyday use and your purchase still looks amazing!!

I use Facebook to let my customers and potential new customers see what’s available, but since I have a working studio / shop at my residence, some pieces are sold before I can get a photo.  I am always open here and working on new pieces so please come look…… not feel obligated to buy….just look around!!   I enjoy the conversation and it gives me a break.   Its so beautiful out today, I decided to do most of my work feeling the sunshine on my face. 

Enjoy your day and I hope to see ya soon!!   Debra