Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scored Antiques

I have been busy the past few weeks working on several tables getting them ready for the shop. By the time I get home it seems like its dark so I only spend about an hour each day on my painting. I don’t know about you but I am not looking forward to cold short days!! I found several moving sales and picked up some neat things I hope you will like. I scored a four (4) foot shelf that I like a lot!! I took several tables to the shop today and reduced several pieces down even more so super bargains here!! My brother just drove in from Alaska and will be staying in PA for a while. Even though he is a distance from me at least I know we can at least drive to see each other. Alaska is too far to hop in your car and drive to visit. He’s going to shop around for me to find some antiques and bring them to me!! Woo Hoo!!! Here’s a few photo’s of my latest designed pieces and a few photos of my shop at Southern Estates Antiques.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Paint and bruises

It is hard to believe it is October already. The last few days I have been dragging around since I worked so hard trying to finish up my last piece to get it to the shop and it is still in the back of my car!! When I finally sat down last night, I noticed bruises from my knees up and then I looked at my arm and had blue paint everywhere and I just got out of the shower!! I know my eyes are not what they used to me, but really?!!!!! How did I miss that!!! I keep telling myself I am too old to be doing this and what do I do? Load and unload by myself again and again!! I looked like a gypsy coming home the other day with furniture all the way to the back of my front seat!! I could barely see out of the sides of the car!! Oh well, I guess it comes with the business!! Oh before I forget, I called the shop a few hours ago and Dave said another interior designer came in a bought several things from my shop!! Yeah!!!! That puts a big smile on my face and makes me very happy. Here is a look at my latest designs and I hope you like it!!