Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Hunting!!

It has become less of a burden since I have moved all of my antiques and accessories back to my home.  Now it allows me more time to design antiques pieces and go on more trips to find unique antiques.  I did not realize how much of my time was spent loading, unloading and hauling furniture to the shop.  I am happy that I started in a shop because so many people could see the quality of the workmanship (detailed painting techniques, embellishments, etc.)  that went into every unique piece and it allowed me to grow in my designs.  There is so much more into painting furniture than putting paint on it.  It was a learning experience dealing with a shop instead of handling my own transactions and talking to my customers.  So many of my closest friends listened to me rant about things happening at the shop and they kept telling me “to get out”, but I didn’t listen soon enough.  So many more negatives and positives, but you learn as you grow!!  My moto is, “you give them a “one of a kind” unique quality piece of history and they will come”.  Some people may feel uneasy about coming to your home, but I have found that my customers don’t mind it at all and it is like a treasure hunt at my house and you never know what you are going to find painted or unpainted.!! LOL   I have things everywhere…..patio, yard, garage and all over my house.  If you want to rummage that’s fine with me and there is lots to see.  I don’t ever want my customers to feel like they have to buy something just because they showed up.  If you don’t love it, don’t buy it!!   I have just one request…… sure to call me first to make sure I am not out on a treasure hunt.