Thursday, November 14, 2013

To Know Me......

Here is a few things to know about me!! 1) I love to read Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. I think she is a down to earth nice person and genuine with her “how-to tutorials of furniture makeovers. 2) I would love to open my own shop and sale everything a woman would ever want. 3) I am loyal to my friends, family and my moral beliefs. 4) My favorite movies are the “happily ever after” love stories, but I do like action movies too!! 5) Please don’t ever ask me a question unless you are ready to hear the gentle truth. 6) If I see someone mistreating an old person, a child or an animal, I will be the first to run to their rescue. 7) I like spending time with elderly people…they have wonderful stories to tell. 8) I think kindness is contagious so I like to smile and say hello to everyone. 9) I love old sports cars and I use to own a 1967 convertible corvette. 10) I like for everything around me to be neat and tidy except my car and I hate washing my car. 11) I have a daughter and three beautiful grandchildren……2 girls and 1 boy!! 12) I am old school and I believe “your word” says everything about you. 13) God is first in my life and I talk to him every day. 14) When I look into my mirror, I see my mother’s eyes. 15) When I die, I hope I will be missed!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Competition keeps life interesting

With all of the new chalk and milk paints available these days, everybody is jumping on the band wagon “so to speak” scheduling painting classes. There is someone new in the furniture painting business about every week. Competition keeps life interesting and it keeps my mind sharp with creative ideas to achieve unique designs with my vintage and antique furniture. One great thing about painting antique furniture is… it is almost impossible for anybody to duplicate it. Yes, someone else may paint it the same color, distress it, but it will never look the same……only because every person has their own techniques, style and uniqueness. The down side is the prices of top quality antiques are going up, up, up and it will make it harder to sell at reasonable prices!!! And I am all about keeping my prices reasonable! Vintage and antique furniture is in “high demand” because shabby chic and retro has become so popular. Most everybody likes it!!! There are still a few people that believe it’s ruined after you paint it. I can relate to that because I have several beautiful pieces in my garage right now that I am finding it hard to start painting. It is so much easier for me to justify painting a neglected antique. I have begun to free up some of my much needed garage space and I made a promise to myself NOT to buy anymore furniture for a while. It is so hard when I see an awesome antique just waiting for me to claim it!! It screams….make me beautiful again!! Lol I forgot how this business gets in your blood!! There was a time in my life that I would eat, breath and sleep the furniture business and it is happening all over again. Only this time, I am the one designing the finished pieces instead of the furniture manufacturers. Here’s a few of my latest finished pieces. This cocktail table reminds me of furniture from West Elm. I think it is a very cool piece (grey and white)!! I am always experimenting with colors and I found the perfect shade of grey. I will tell you that story next time!!