Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Days go by but memories last a lifetime!!

Memories.......42 years ago one day after Valentine's was one of the happiness days of my only child was born. It has been an amazing journey. She always kept a smile on my face everyday and has always been a joy to have her around. Things got hectic at times and I felt like I was a taxi for all of her friends and I had a revolving door on my house, but those days are gone. Now its just me and my little dog, Selena. Stephanie has been blessed with 3 children of her own and the journey continues.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting ready for Spring!

I have been nonstop working a 40 hour week and then coming home and painting for hours plus all of the normal daily duties of keeping house. But its no stopping now because I have some more great pieces coming soon. My Greenville history chest sold last week and I was thrilled that she found a wonderful home. And many other great pieces also found homes, but I had an attachment to the Greenville chest. I am so pleased that I have so many wonderful people adopting my furniture and accessories and love it as much as I do. That is truly what makes me keep going and going when I want to just watch a movie. Every piece of furniture that I sell has a place in history. The big thrill for me is finding a wonderful piece with intricate details and that’s rare to find. Many years ago craftsman made these pieces by hand and not on an assembly line like today. Most of my pieces I keep for months deciding the color, the design and what would bring it back to its original WOW factor it had when it was first purchased. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for shopping with me and I hope you will enjoy each and every piece for many years to come.