Friday, January 27, 2017

What a week!!

This has been a crazy week.  I always drive my old work truck just in case I find something when I am out running errands.  Monday I decided to drive my car so I hopped in and it would not even turn over….dead, dead, dead.  I love my old beat up truck!!  It doesn’t look beautiful but it is reliable!!   Technology………  so many bells and whistles to go wrong, yet the old auto’s run forever. …….   Just like furniture.

This new furniture is junk and does not holdup to everyday use yet very expensive.  To my surprise even Thomasville and some of the top manufacturers are making junk with big price tags.  I guess that is why people are jumping on the money train to sell their antiques at high prices these days. 

I think of myself as your personally shopper.  I am always trying to find a wonderful unique antique at a bargain price FOR YOU.   Once I find that wonderful piece, then the work begins.  Prepping it and giving it a facelift.  For me it is sometimes an agonizing process …. What color??.   As most everyone that knows me, I think outside the box.   I have never been about plain and simple, so many of my pieces have paisleys designs, etc on them.   I do however keep my furniture colors classic so it is easy to accessorize your room with bold crazy colors even by changing the knobs.  Anyway, got to run…..lots to do to day and I need to get busy!!!!

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