Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An old door closes and a new one opens

I have started to write numerous times and something always interrupts me so once again I will try to get this finished this time. Not unusual,I have been very busy. My day job will be coming to an end soon, so at least for a short time I will devote most of my time painting until I find a new job. I bought a singer sewing machine years ago but I only use it for little jobs. I have been staring at an upholstered footstool for some time now and I kept telling myself that I could reupholster it. If I just set my mind to doing it, I know I could reupholster this stool. Finally yesterday I decided to just do it. I chose a linen script fabric, measured, made my cuts and got started. Once I did all of my sewing, it slipped right over the stool perfectly, corners looked professional……happy, happy, happy dance!!!! So tonight I will finish her up. You will see her soon but meanwhile, here are a few photos of my newest creations!