Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tip of the Day

I have been trying for weeks to have the time to write on my blog. I, for the first time, participated in the Vintage Market in the Park in Greer this year and I had so much fun meeting and talking to people. When everything slowed down a little I walked around and spoke to other dealers. Over all, for me anyway, it went well. Of course, I was exhausted so I took a week off from painting anything. That’s a hard task for me. Usually it takes days to prep and finish furniture to my liking so I always try to have a few pieces of furniture ready to go in advance. Retail is unpredictable. I like to keep things moving, so I always try to keep my prices as low as I possibly can, which means I have to search and search myself to buy as low as possible. In the past few years painted antiques are very popular so more and more people are doing it. Keep in mind that paint covers up a multitude of sin such as water damage and falling apart furniture. I think that old saying holds true for this industry……you get what you pay for. I personally had rather pay a few dollars more and get a high end quality antique that will last another hundred years with proper care and maintenance than to go home with a piece of junk. Look for shabby chic not just plain shabby. Lol Well, that’s my tip of the day so go shopping and have fun!!