Saturday, December 7, 2013

Compassionate beginnings

Earlier today I posted a comment on my business facebook page really because I have been so touched by photo’s of Andra Grace, a dog that was tortured and drug behind a truck and left for dead. I had a friend tell me I may offend someone and I should not post comments about it on my business facebook page. My thoughts……..this is who I am and will always be. I will not compromise or apologize for having compassion for others to my sell furniture. Just saying!!!! I think compassion comes from the early beginnings of our lives. I can remember as a child asking my mother if I could go visit an elderly neighbor of ours. I would stay for hours with this woman. She always walked with a cane. We would bake her special desert (prune squares-it sounds terrible but it was delicious) , walk through her pasture and talk, sit by her old wood burning stove and I loved spending time with her. And my dad….what a wonderful man!! I have had every animal you can think of growing up. Daddy would always bring home starving strays he had found and we would get them healthy again. Older people had superstitions and mama put a little bible and a liquor bottle in front of me and I picked up the little bible. She said I would carry that bible everywhere I went. My dad died with that little bible in his wallet. It was worn and the pages were falling out of it, but he still kept it all those years. The only real argument I had in school was over a very poor girl that had nothing and all the kids made fun of her. Don’t get me wrong! I can be a real butt when I need to be and say some ugly words when I am mad, or driving on Woodruff Road in traffic, which my daughter fusses at me about, but I have a big heart and I will always fight for the underdog. Well, that’s my thoughts for today!! Stay tuned……I have got to get ready to fight the traffic on Woodruff so you may hear me cuss a “little”!!! lol