Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Go Shopping!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day. I try very hard to always be proactive, but I have been like a turtle this past week. I have two beautiful timeless mahogany dressers sitting in my garage and I still have not finished them. A vision of one is in my head, but I just haven’t wanted to get started. Maybe I need to start drinking energy drinks. My strong coffee just does not do it for me anymore!! Maybe today will be the day! I did decide to check out some of the department stores just to take a look at furniture. Some of my favorites is Anthropologie, The Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc. As you already know, I am eclectic so I love how these stores mix it up just like me!! I like the unexpected pop of color or fabric. Remember ladies, your home is a reflective window of you!!! I tell all of my clients, if you love it the minute you see it, if you can afford it… buy it with no regrets and you will surely find the perfect place for it in your home! It doesn’t matter if the color is not exactly the same shade of blue that’s in your room. Trust me when I say, it will blend in with your other shades of blues. You can make it happen with pillows, throws, rugs, lampshades, etc. My mother’s generation thought that everything in a room had to match, but in today’s world anything and everything goes!! Mix and match, odds and ends…… I visited an old friend a few weeks ago and she has beautiful expensive accessories and furniture but when you walk in, it just felt bland and sterile....not at all like her...happy and outgoing. She asked if I would help her, so we went to work and I touched and moved every single thing in there, threw in some pops of color and it was an amazing transformation!! It felt cozy and inviting!! Its like your clothing....don't you feel alive and happy when you are wearing a beautiful vibrant color?!! Happy dance!!!! Anyway, she loved it and when her sister came down from New York to visit, she could not believe how wonderful the room looked and felt. So the point to this story is….. step outside of the box ….mix a piece of painted furniture in with all of your dark wood and see how awesome it will look!! But beware, it is like eating potato chips, you won’t stop at just one!!! Wow, I was not planning on talking that much!! Anyway, there is amazing talent right here in Greenville and they add their own custom techniques and designs to each and every piece of vintage and antique furniture, so go shopping!!