Monday, November 24, 2014

Preparing to haul furniture

Winter is fast approaching us in the South. I am already day dreaming of summer to be here again. I am preparing to haul furniture and accessories to Sweeten Creeks Antiques in Asheville, NC in the next few weeks and I hope and pray the weather will be nice. I have talked to many dealers that travel to Asheville and they all reassure me that I should have a great business there with my fair prices on unique custom painted furniture.  By the way, I base my prices on how much I have to pay for it and not the actual value of it.  I spend a lot of my time searching for good deals on quality pieces. I have, however, paid more for some pieces only because they are a rare find and I will probably never find another one like it.  I always gravitate to the unusual style of an old piece, ornate moldings and don’t forget the legs…. I love legs with rusty old castors. In the early 1900’s people did not have air conditioning so furniture had to withstand the heat. Can you imagine 98 degrees with no air conditioning and you have to cook too?!!!  These antique pieces have withstood many years of weather, a house full of children and everyday use and they are still in great shape.  It amazes and excites me to find a wonderful piece of our history that has traveled across the country and made its home in the South.  Here’s a great example in the photo's above……I found this mid-century modern chest which is a very popular sleek style and a designer told me to price it at $350.00.  It is solid as the day it was built, the drawers open and close like butter and it has the original pulls. It is painted in a pale blue chalk paint, lightly distressed and heavy waxed.....And best of all,  I am selling it for only $185.00.

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