Monday, November 17, 2014

Its up to YOU!!

I don’t crank out as many custom painted pieces of furniture as I should and some pieces sit in my garages for months until I have a vision of what I would like them to look like finished. That is probably not a good business practice but sometimes it’s not all about the money……it’s about your reputation as a designer.  I want my customers to be excited about buying a custom piece from me and know that it will look beautiful for years to come. All antique furniture has flaws….some more than others, so I take the time to make minor repairs, drill holes for new updated hardware, replace damaged castors, etc. so these pieces will last with everyday use for another 100 years.  I use the best chalk and milk paint I can find along with the waxes and glazes.  Trying to save money in products really shows in the finished piece.  I tried that years ago and it makes a huge difference in the durability of everyday use.  Does it affect your selling price???  Of course it does. I will pay more for a well-built piece and drop my profit margins, than to buy a piece of crap and cover it up with paint.  Don’t forget that old saying, “You get what you pay for”.  Would you rather spend a few dollars more and get a fabulous custom painted antique that will look great for years or would you rather save a few dollars and buy a painted piece that looks good for now.  It’s entirely up to you!!


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